Sheet Metal Catalog

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Galvanized Round Pipe

Galvanized Elbows and Angles

Register Boots / Stack Boots(2 pages)

Collars, Caps, Dampers & Draw Bands

Reducers and Increasers

Tees, Wyes and Takeoffs

Oval Pipe, Oval Ells and Oval Fittings

Spin Collars

Tab Collars, Aluminum Pipe & Fittings

Draft Diverters, Vent Hoods & Flue Thimbles

Black Pipe, Elbows and Fittings

Wall Stack and Stack Fittings (2 pages)

Duct, Duct Reducers, Plenum Panels, Cleats &
Galvanized Metal (4 pages)

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Revised: September 01, 2000.